Osmo Wood Wax Finish – Transparent Colours – 375mL


Osmo Wood Wax Finish is a satin-matte wood finish which combines all the advantages of oils and waxes in one unique product. Resistant to water and dirt, very durable and smooths wood surfaces. Easy application – no need for a primer or sanding between coats, which saves time and money. Resistant against liquid spillages and the dry finish is safe for humans, plants and animals.

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Approx. Coverage: 24-48m²/L (258-517 ft2/L) per coat
Number of Coats: 1 coat = Transparent Colour
Application Temp.: +5°C to 35°C
Approx. Dry Time: 8-10hrs.


  • Suitable for all interior use
  • Wood grain remains visible with transparent tones and wood grain can be hidden with intensive tones
  • Very durable and hardwearing
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine
  • Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children’s toys
  • Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • No sanding necessary for spot repairs or future applications

Additional information

Finish Colour

Clear (3101), Lightly Steamed Beach (3102), Light Oak (3103), White (3111), Granite Grey (3118), Silk Grey (3119), Pine (3123), Birch (3136), Cherry (3137), Mahogany (3138), Cognac (3143), Ebony (3161), Oak (3164), Walnut (3166), Antique Oak (3168)


Osmo Wood Wax Product Information (PDF)

Osmo Wood Was Finish MSDS (PDF)

Product Declaration (PDF)

Osmo Wood Wax Application Instructions (PDF)


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clear transparent finish
Clear 3101
lightly steamed beach finish
Lightly Steamed Beach 3102
light oak finish
Light Oak 3103
white finish
White 3111
granite grey finish
Granite Grey 3118
silk grey finish
Silk Grey 3119
pine finish
Pine 3123
birch finish
Birch 3136
cherry finish
Cherry 3137
mahogany finish
Mahogany 3138
cognac finish
Cognac 3143
ebony finish
Ebony 3161
oak finish
Oak 3164
walnut finish
Walnut 3166
oak antique finish
Oak Antique 3168

Note: The above colour shades are a true likeness of the original, after application onto Oak. However, some variation may occur due to screen brightness and uploading processes. It is advisable to test colours on a small sample, as colour may appear differently on other wood species.